Our Story


I created GEM for all the ‘girls in progress’ - learning about who we are and what we stand for, at the core. Flaws are encouraged. Confidence is work in progress. Positive self-talk is a must. Bad-ass energy all the way.

Gem started as my personal outlet, an escape from reality. It was the time I was able to connect with myself and discover about who the fuck I am. Just me and my hyper-focused thoughts.  

I was in my 3rd year of University, interning at a local fashion house, volunteering in my field of study, working part-time - but wasn’t happy. 

I started GEM as a creative outlet - I started making jewelry at my parents house, a single laptop, and with some natural gemstones. Three years later, a couple mental breakdowns, some serious therapy and self-healing - we outgrew the basement and local craft fairs, and launched internationally online!

Today, Gem is a curated jewellery brand, each piece designed with thought for the trend-conscious girl who has that bad gal energy to shoot her shot. 

Owner and Founder,